Micro-networking is very popular, hence Twitter. Some millions of people have Twitter accounts and use it on a regular basis. This includes both individuals as well as businesses. If you are a business owner looking to make your presence known on social media, this is a great site to do it. On Twitter you will communicate with others in short form, as you are limited to posting messages of 160 characters or less. This has proven to be highly effective, and Twitter is the second most popular social networking site only behind Facebook.

Some hail the Twitter Widget Slider as one of the best that Joomla has made yet. With this twitter slider you can post it to your website and visitor can hover on it to see what is going on over in Twitter land, right from your website. This keeps them just where you want them (On your site) while also enjoying the benefits of utilizing Twitter at the same time. The Twitter widget slider posts your tweets and other social updates. If you have a website and a Twitter account, the Twitter widget slider is something for you. Why is this Twitter widget so popular?

Take a look at the many amazing benefits offered to you with the Twitter Widget Slider.

i) Easy to Install
ii) Takes just minutes to download and install
iii) Fully customizable features enable you to do more than you ever could before. Choose colors, fonts and more.
iv) This is a free tool that helps you connect to Twitter. There is no cost for the Twitter Widget Slider.
v) Slider is space efficient. All that is visible is the Twitter icon, until it is hovered over. Once t is hovered over the Twitter newsfeed appears.
vi) jQuery enabled, but can easily be disabled if you so desire
vii) Post all of your tweets that you want people to see. You can use the Twitter Widget Slider to highlight special events, notices and so much more. If you post it on Twitter, the Twitter Widget Slider makes it easy to share with everyone.
viii) Get all of the latest news from those that you follow in Twitter, all appearing in your news feed.
ix) You can bring all of your Twitter friends together with the help of the Twitter Widget Slider.
x) Compatible with most browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
xi) Free support for a full six months after purchase, available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for all of your comments, questions, support and assistance.
xii) Compatible with all Joomla websites.
xiii) Gain more Twitter followers.
xiv) Maintain blog posts and gain more readers
xv) The Twitter Widget Slider is easy to install, even if you are not an expert in the field.

The Twitter Widget Slider brings to you a number of features and a ton of exciting benefits that there is no question you, as well as those visiting your website, will enjoy to the fullest.