The YouTube Widget Slider is available for free download for those using the Joomla platform. It is available for Joomla 2.5 as well as Joomla 3.x. The YouTube Widget Slider was made available in July 2013. It is easy to install as well as easy to use and provides all users with an array of benefits.

With the YouTube Widget Slider it is possible to add more videos from YouTube to your website. It takes nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse, and thanks to the module you are no longer required to write line after line of code. A few clicks and your videos are on the web.

Some of the many features that come along with this YouTube widget include:

i) Slider Style is easy to use as well as spacious of your website.
ii) Unlimited number of videos that you can choose.
iii) All of the videos that you select are placed at your website.
iv) The Widget Slider eliminates the need for code.
v) jQuery based with the ability to disable if need be.
vi) Custom Templates.
vii) Easy to use.
viii) Easy to install and download.
ix) Free support available from Joomla when it is needed.
x) YouTube Widget Slider requires no space for adding the video into your hosting program.
xi) You are not using your bandwidth when a video plays.
xii) Can use without registering to YouTube.
xiii) Manual slideshow enables visitors to select the video they want to watch as well as gives the option to have them automatically in rotation to play.

These are certainly awesome benefits, now take a look at some of the things that you will be able to do with this YouTube widget on your site.

1. Upload videos to promote your company/service or product.
2. Videos readily available for all visitors to your site.
3. The slider bar is easy to use- simply hover over the icon to bring it out.
4. With the slider bar you can early see what consumers are watching and what they think about it through the comments sections, of which are easily accessible through the widget.
5. Consumers can choose the videos they want to watch if they do not want to see them in a rotation.
6. Provide customers with videos providing them with information in the niche that you are involved in.
7. Get more visitors to your social networking pages, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.
8. You will be able to keep up with others with this Widget. Not only can you watch videos and add your own to the side bar, you can also add others that you like. When you see what others are up to you can be certain that you are always ip to par with what is going on.

The Joomla YouTube Widget Slider is still new but it is certain to be one that offers you an immaculate number of benefits that offer help to both you as well as those who may be patronizing your website.