Instagram and Pinterest are two very popular social networking sites that place more focus on visual posts than written posts, using pictures to create a social community of like-minded individuals. If you are a business owner, you should be a part of both Instagram and Pinterest, but you should also make sure that you have the Instagram Slider Widget. Pinterest has a widget and now Instagram does as well. It is one that is a great addition to your site if you are active on this social media site.

The Instagram Slider Widget is available for those with the Joomla platform website. It is available for all versions of Joomla and is easy to install, easy to use and something that brings a slew of awesome benefits to the visitor as well as the website owner.

Features and benefits of the Instagram Widget Slider that you will enjoy include the following:

i) Create a slideshow of all of your Instagram images directly onto your site. Visitors can hover over the Instagram logo and instantly gain access to the slideshow.
ii) Customizable features are certain to make this a one of a kind feature that all of your visitors enjoy. Not only can the height and width of the Instagram Slider widget be customized, you can also choose your own colors, themes, content and more.
iii) The Instagram Slider Widget is easy to install. A simple download is all that it takes to add it to your website. It takes just seconds of time to do.
iv) The Instagram Slider Widget is also easy to use. You will find the widget for Pinterest as well as the other social networking sites easy to use as well. This widget makes it easy for visitors to your site get something more than what they expected, all by simply making a click.
v) With the Instagram slider you can keep visitors on your site longer, helping gain more trust and build credibility.
vi) The Instagram widget allows visitors to your site gain entry to your Instagram site. If you are connected to other social media sites they can also find you there as well.
vii) Display the photos that you choose to display
viii) No cost is always something to enjoy, and the Instagram widget is absolutely free of charge.
ix) jQuery enabled, but can easily be disabled if you do not want it.
x) Spacious style shows only the Instagram logo. This means your site will not look cluttered. Simply pull it out, and when you are done, put it back in. it is so simple and easy to use this Instagram widget.
xi) Easily control the photos that people will see, with easy changes and an option for a slideshow that users can pick and choose the photos they would like to look at.

The Instagram Slider Widget can easily be added to your site with all of the above benefits, and many others, coming your way. Make sure that you add this Instagram widget to your site without delay.