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The benefits of earning your forklift operators certificate from the Forklift Certification Institute (FCI) are endless. Individuals who have been certified to operate forklifts are paid a higher hourly wage than non-certified operators, and those who employ operators who have not been certified face steep fines. Luckily, FCI offers multiple options for forklift operator certification in order to meet the various needs of our customers. For just $95, a FCI Certification Course can be purchased, and for just $65, a FCI Recertification Course can be purchased. Our programs are all 100% online, include all study material needed to prepare for your exam, and come with an instant pdf card upon completion. FCI courses can be purchased in order to certify individuals, as well as entire teams of forklift operating employees.

Understanding the Forklift Certification Institute’s Operator Certification Courses

Under Federal law, all persons who operate a forklift must be:

  • Over the age of 18 years old; AND
  • Sufficiently trained and certified to operate a forklift.

Code 29 CFR 1910.178 of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) federal standards outlines guidelines for safety precautions that must be taken for safely operating powered industrial vehicles and other forklift devices. That’s where Forklift Certification Institute comes in with its affordable and effective Forklift Operator Certification Programs. Passing Forklift Certification Institute’s Forklift Operator Exam will provide you with the certification you need to be in compliance with relevant federal standards.

In fact, you can choose to either certify with Forklift Certification Institute for $95, or you can recertify with Forklift Certification Institute for only $65. The products and services that come with (re)certifying with Forklift Certification Institute include:

  • Completely Online Forklift Operator Training Manual
  • Exclusively Online Exam Certification with Instant Exam Results
  • Access to Free Forklift Operator Exam Practice Questions
  • Take as Many Times Need to Pass the Forklift Operator Exam
  • Instant Forklift Operator Certification Available 24/7
  • Immediate Certification Via Email Following Completion of Exam
  • The Ability to Earn Eight Credit for Continuing Education

Both our certification and recertification services provide users with the information and resources required to safely and successfully operate forklifts. Even better is that both certification and recertification courses can be purchased and completed entirely online. As long as you have Internet access, FCI’s online training guides and final Forklift Operator Certification Exam can be completed with ease from a computer and/or tablet. Gone are the days of attending boring and expensive in-class forklift operator certification courses. Now you can earn the forklift certification you deserve, for cheap, on your own time. What are you waiting for enroll with Forklift Certification Institute today and enroll to become certified or recertified as a Forklift Operator.

Some of the hazards associated with operating powered industrial trucks - Forklifts

There are several types of high-powered industrial trucks. Each type delivers unlike operating hazards. For instance, a sit-down, counterbalanced high-lift rider truck is more probable than a motorized hand truck to be committed in a falling load accident because the sit-down passenger truck can lift a cargo much higher than a hand truck. Jobsite type and circumstances are likewise factors in risks usually linked up with high-powered industrial trucks. For instance, retail organizations often face bigger challenges than additional jobsites in conserving pedestrian safety. Beyond that, many workers may also be hurt when: lift trucks are unknowingly run off docks; lifts fall betwixt docks and an unsafe trailer; they're struck by a lift hand truck; or they fall while on elevated pallets and tines. 

Powered heavy-duty trucks, commonly called forklifts or lift motor trucks, are utilized in many industries, mainly to move textiles. They can likewise be used to raise, lower, or remove large objects or a number of smaller objects on pallets or in packages, crates, or other containers. Powered industrial trucks can either be ridden by the operator or commanded by a walking operator. Over-the-road haul motor trucks and earth-moving gear that's been qualified to accept forks are not viewed as powered industrial trucks. Learn more about forklift training and safety by signing up for our program at

The Many Benefits of Forklift Certification Institute’s Forklift Operator Courses

Forklifts are used at a variety of businesses including constructions sites, warehouses and other industrial locations. However, it is rare to find a company that provides employees with forklift certification services, even though employers can be fined for failing to provide employees with sufficient safety training that is inline with OSHA standards. That’s where Forklift Certification Institute comes in with its easy to use individual and employee/group Forklift Operator Certification Programs. Within an hour, users can earn their forklift certification that is valid for at least a year. This way Forklift Operators have proof that they understand the relevant OSHA guidelines, and can indeed operate forklifts in a commercial setting without creating unnecessary hazards or safety breaches.

Proof of sufficient Forklift Operation Certification can be especially relevant for employers who can be subjected to large fines imposed on a per employee basis for all forklift operators who have not received sufficient OSH compliant training. In fact, the following discounts are provided at checkout for the more employees your register with Forklift Certification Institute:

  • Those who register 5 to 9 individuals receive a 10% discount
  • Those who register 10 to 24 individuals receive a 15% discount
  • Those who register 25 to 49 individuals receive a 20% discount
  • Those who register 50 to 88 individuals receive a 25% discount
  • Those register 100 or more individuals receive a 30% discount

Certify today in 1-2 hours to earn your forklift certification from the Forklift Certification Institute. Get started below! Please also review the below checklist for property safety guidelines for your organization. 

Online Forklift Certification – OSHA Forklift Safety Checklists for Organizations and Individuals believes an efficient curriculum demands company and worker conformation with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ordinances, consensus measures, and gear upkeep. Safety device checklists, interchangeable to the information below, may help keep forklift safety device awareness and safe use paramount. 

Checklist for Organizations utilizing Forklifts:

  • Make sure that workers do not operate a forklift unless they have been trained and licensed. They can start by registering at
  • Develop, implement and enforce a comprehensive written safety program that includes worker training, operator licensure and a timetable for reviewing and revising the program.
  • Establish a vehicle inspection and maintenance program.
  • Ensure that operator restraint systems are being used.
  • Retrofit old sit-down type forklifts with an operator restraint system if possible.
  • Separate forklift traffic and other workers where possible.
  • Limit some aisles to “workers on foot only” or “forklifts only.”
  • Restrict the use of forklifts near time clocks, break rooms, cafeterias and main exits, particularly when the flow of workers on foot is at a peak (such as the end of a shift or during breaks).
  • Install physical barriers where practical to ensure that workstations are isolated from aisles traveled by forklifts.
  • Evaluate intersections and other blind corners to determine whether overhead dome mirrors could improve the visibility of forklift operators or workers on foot.
  • Make every effort to alert workers when a forklift is nearby. Use horns, audible backup alarms and flashing lights to warn workers and other forklift operators in the area.
  • Flashing lights are especially important in areas where the ambient noise level is high.
  • Ensure that workplace safety inspections are routinely conducted by a person who can identify hazards and conditions that are dangerous to workers and who has the authority to implement prompt corrective measures.
  • Install workstations, control panels and equipment away from aisles when possible.
  • Do not store bins, racks, or other materials at corners, intersections, or other locations that obstruct the view of operators or workers at workstations.
  • Enforce safe driving practices such as obeying speed limits, stopping at stop signs, and slowing down and blowing the horn at intersections.
  • Repair and maintain cracks, crumbling edges and other defects on loading docks, aisles and other operating surfaces.

Checklist for Individuals which operate Forklifts:

  • Do not operate a forklift unless you have been trained and licensed.
  • Use seatbelts if they are available.
  • Report any damage or problems that occur with a forklift during your shift to your supervisor.
  • Do not jump from an overturning, sit-down type forklift.
  • Stay with the truck if lateral or longitudinal tip over occurs.
  • Hold on firmly and lean in the opposite direction of the overturn.
  • Use extreme caution on grades, ramps, or inclines.
  • Normally you should travel only straight up and down.
  • Do not raise or lower the forks while the forklift is moving.
  • Do not handle loads that are heavier than the rated weight capacity of the forklift.
  • Operate the forklift at a speed that will permit it to be stopped safely.
  • Slow down and sound the horn at intersections and other locations where vision is obstructed.
  • Look toward the path of travel and keep a clear view of it.
  • Do not allow passengers to ride on forklift trucks unless a seat is provided.
  • When dismounting from a forklift, always set the parking brake, lower the forks, and neutralize the controls.
  • Do not drive up to anyone standing in front of a bench or other fixed object.
  • Do not use a forklift to elevate workers who are standing on the forks.
  • Use a restraining means such as rails, chains, or a body belt with a lanyard or deceleration device for the person(s) on the platform.
  • Do not drive to another location with the work platform elevated.
  • Do not drive to another location with the work platform elevated.

Please share the above checklists with your workers by placing them on the wall of your jobsite. If any additional training or certification is needed, please sign up with the Forklift Certification Institute below today!