Forklift Exam

Practice Exam

1. If the operator needs to know any particulars about a forklift, he or she may:

2. In what case shall refresher training happen?

3. Where are forklifts used?

4. Which of these should be done when lifting people:

5. When it’s time to refuel the forklift, you must do the following:

6. If the weight distribution is not correct, which of the following may happen?

7. Once the forklift has been loaded, the center of gravity does what?

8. Which of the following is a regulation from OSHA?

9. How many people can ride on a forklift?

10. When refueling or recharging, which of the following must you do:

11. Which of the following is true?

12. At the end of a shift, you should do the following:

13. The majority of forklift accidents are caused by:

14. When conducting your pre-operating check, you find that something isn’t working correctly, so what should you do?

15. In order to be able to operate a forklift, an employee must:

16. When conducting forklift training in the workplace, OSHA requirements must include which of the following:

17. In order to maintain balance when turning, you must:

18. Careless operation of a forklift can lead to which of the following?

19. What should NOT be done when operating a forklift?

20. When parking the forklift at the end of the day, which of the following must be done?

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