Forklift Exam

Practice Exam

1. Which of the following is a sign that something isn’t operating correctly?

2. Never exceed the load capacity of your truck:

3. When moving the forklift in reverse, you must:

4. If the operator needs to know any particulars about a forklift, he or she may:

5. A daily inspection of the safety features on a forklift should be done, which includes:

6. The horn on the forklift should be used:

7. When conducting forklift training in the workplace, OSHA requirements must include which of the following:

8. Which of these should be done when lifting people:

9. Where are forklifts used?

10. When refueling, do NOT do this:

11. Should there be any spills of hydraulic fluid, the following should be done:

12. Which of the following are examples of forklift controls?

13. Which of the following is true?

14. OSHA requires an employer to give which type of training?

15. Which of the following should you NEVER do?

16. Which of the following should be included in the safety checklists?

17. Before moving a load, what should the operator do?

18. What should be done when operating a forklift?

19. When conducting your pre-operating check, you find that something isn’t working correctly, so what should you do?

20. What are warning indicators for high voltage power outage?

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