The Forklift Certification Institute team offers fast, convenient, and 100% online forklift safety and training courses for workplaces located throughout the United States. Our ultimate goal is to provide affordable and comprehensive forklift certification services in order to ensure that our users are in compliance with relevant OSHA guidelines and regulation.

We understand that there is a need for easy access to forklift operator training courses because many employers do not provide employees with the necessary training. As a result, we offer forklift certification programs geared towards both individual employees, as well as for groups of employees.

The result is a forklift certification program modeled after OSHA standards, that provides relevant guidance and tools for the real-life application of safe forklift operation procedures. The choice is clear! Contact Forklift Certification Institute today in order to enroll in one of our Forklift Certification Programs. We can assure you that you will enjoy the speed and convenience of our online testing platform.