Forklift Certification Course

Course Includes:

  • Comprehensive Online Forklift Certification (no manual needed)
  • Online Certification Exam with Instant Grading
  • Free Unlimited Unique Practice Exams
  • Unlimited Free Exam Retakes
  • 24/7 Instant Certification
  • Free Instant Email Certificate After Exam Completion

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Choose FCI For All of Your Forklift Certification Needs

A Forklift Operator Certificate from Fork Lift Certification Institute will allow you to take your career to the next level. This is because federal law governs the operation of forklifts in order to ensure safety and security. As a result, forklift operators require sufficient certification in order to become invaluable members of the workforce. Here at Forklift Certification Institute we offer both certification and recertification services for all forklift operators. Our traditional certification programs costs only $48, and comes with a wide assortment of resources including certification verification services.

The Benefits of Enrolling With Forklift Certification Institute

In this current economy, workers need all of the edge they can get over competitors. Many employers don’t want to spend the money it costs to provide on-site forklift operation training to employees, instead preferring to only hire those who have already been certified. As a result, many employers place a premium on those workers who already have been properly certified in forklift operation. Thus, for just $48, Forklift Operator Certifications can be earned to allow you to have the competitive edge you need to attract the attention of employers. You must have prior hands-on training in order to qualify. If you have no prior experience driving a forklift, please obtain the proper training through your employer. 

Employer Benefits for Enrolling With Forklift Certification Institute

The safe operation of forklifts is so important that OSHA imposes heavy fines and penalties on employers who do not provide employees with adequate forklift operation training in compliance with the OSHA regulations. However, employers can help certify all of the employees that need certification through the Forklift Operator Certificate. We even offer discounts to employers enrolling five or more employees.

Upon registration, employees have access to the Forklift Certification Institute online training program and the Final Forklift Certification Institute Exam. Our Forklift Certification Institute online training program will teach employees how to identify health/safety hazards, the proper way to operate forklifts, as well as general safety policies to observe in the workplace while operating forklifts.

The Benefits Provided to Employers and Employees

Forklift Certification Institute’s courses are designed to be both accessed and completed entirely online. The result is an online testing and training program that allows students to learn the guidelines for proper forklift operation in order to be in compliance with OSHA guidelines and regulations. Our training programs and exam can be accessed easily via an Internet connection. Users can study for and take their certification exam from their laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.