Forklift Exam

Practice Exam

1. Which of the following is a sign that something isn’t operating correctly?

2. If the operator needs to know any particulars about a forklift, he or she may:

3. When refueling or recharging, which of the following must you do:

4. What does the overhead guard do?

5. In order to be able to operate a forklift, an employee must:

6. When conducting forklift training in the workplace, OSHA requirements must include which of the following:

7. For safety reasons, you should:

8. When going up grades of more than 10 degrees:

9. Which of the following is true?

10. Once the forklift has been loaded, the center of gravity does what?

11. Which of the following areas on a forklift can cause injuries:

12. In what case shall refresher training happen?

13. When should a load be lowered or raised around other workers?

14. An employer is required to provide training to employees:

15. If a forklift begins to turn over with you in it, you should:

16. Which of the following should you NEVER do?

17. Careless operation of a forklift can lead to which of the following?

18. Which of the following is true?

19. When it’s time to refuel the forklift, you must do the following:

20. If the weight distribution is not correct, which of the following may happen?

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