Forklift Exam

Practice Exam

1. Should there be any spills of hydraulic fluid, the following should be done:

2. An employer is required to provide training to employees:

3. Which of the following will help you maintain control when handling any pallets?

4. OSHA requires an employer to give which type of training?

5. At the end of a shift, you should do the following:

6. What should be done when operating a forklift?

7. When should a load be lowered or raised around other workers?

8. How many people can ride on a forklift?

9. If the operator needs to know any particulars about a forklift, he or she may:

10. The majority of forklift accidents are caused by:

11. For safety reasons, you should:

12. What is a forklift?

13. Before moving a load, what should the operator do?

14. OSHA requires certain items to be included in training, which includes:

15. Once the forklift has been loaded, the center of gravity does what?

16. Which of the following must be completed daily?

17. When conducting forklift training in the workplace, OSHA requirements must include which of the following:

18. Which of the following should be included in the safety checklists?

19. When moving the forklift in reverse, you must:

20. When going up grades of more than 10 degrees:

Grade Exam