Forklift Exam

Practice Exam

1. What should be done when operating a forklift?

2. When parking the forklift at the end of the day, which of the following must be done?

3. In what case shall refresher training happen?

4. What is a forklift?

5. What is OSHA an acronym for?

6. When going up grades of more than 10 degrees:

7. Which of the following must be completed daily?

8. What are warning indicators for high voltage power outage?

9. Which of the following should be included in the safety checklists?

10. When refueling, do NOT do this:

11. Where are forklifts used?

12. When moving the forklift in reverse, you must:

13. Which of the following are examples of forklift controls?

14. In order to maintain balance when turning, you must:

15. For safety reasons, you should:

16. When conducting your pre-operating check, you find that something isn’t working correctly, so what should you do?

17. Which direction should the load face when traveling up a ramp?

18. When refueling or recharging, which of the following must you do:

19. What should NOT be done when operating a forklift?

20. OSHA requires certain items to be included in training, which includes:

Grade Exam