Safety has been mentioned quite a bit in this handbook, but it is something that can’t be stressed enough. Studies show that there are over 100 accidents each year with approximately 40 fatalities from forklifts.

In addition to the safety lessons that have already been learned, it’s imperative to learn the following lessons as well:

  • Ensure clear visibility at all times
  • Never unload the items on the forklift while on a ramp
  • Never let people ride on it
  • When the forklift needs to be refueled, do so in only areas marked as safe to do so
  • Make sure there is adequate ventilation while refueling
  • Never allow smoking in the area
  • Always have fire extinguishers that can be grabbed quickly if needed

It’s also important to always be aware of where your hand and feet are placed. There are several areas on the forklift which can cause injury. These are called pinch points.


There are many areas hands and feet can be badly injured. The most common areas on the forklift to pay special attention to are the tires, as well as the gears.